Losing Money? A Marketing Consultancy Firm Can Help

If your business is suddenly struggling, a marketing consultancy firm can help. Whether your business is focused online, offline, or a combination of the two, a consultant can help you figure out what has gone wrong and help you swiftly work to correct this situation.

Business Climate

The economy has made it difficult for many businesses. Consumers aren’t spending, banks aren’t lending, and things have generally changed. Many companies are finding it difficult to weather this storm. A marketing consultancy firm can help a company find ways to continue to success and grow their business despite changes in the economy. In many cases, using existing and emerging technology could make a big difference to your success.

Shrinking Margins

Shrinking profit margins will impact your business in a big way. For this reason, perhaps you have had to lay off your marketing department. Outsourcing marketing services could be a good way to go. It’s too dangerous to just ‘not’ market because of making less money. You need a more aggressive marketing campaign than ever and you need to do it in a way that maximises your return on investment. When margins shrink, you not only have to do more with less but you also have to sell more to survive. A mentor can help.

Online Problems

If your business earns a lot of revenue from the internet and your traffic and rankings suddenly plummet, this will hit you where it hurts — the purse. A marketing consultant can help you analyse what is going on in the industry as a whole as well as with your web pages. This can help you make changes to re-gain rankings and help you convert more of your traffic into customers.

Search engines, for instance, change rules regularly. When Google’s algorithm changes, it could take your website from page 1 of search engine results pages for your targeted search terms to page 5. This could be crippling. Something may have changed that may have landed your website in what’s called the Google Sandbox. This could hurt your company immediately – especially if you rely on a large portion of your income from your website. A consultant can help you avoid rankings losses through proactively following guideline changes and when losses are inevitable could help you diversify your search engine marketing strategy so that changes don’t totally cripple your business and send your traffic levels plummeting.


If your company is doing well, someone out there wants to de-throne you. Competitive analysis is an area that needs to be closely followed both reactively and proactively and a marketing consultancy firm could help you do that so that no one steals the lion’s share of the market from you.

You have a business to run and it’s difficult to stay abreast of the changing world of marketing and e-business. A consultant can do that for you and help you save yourself from extinction.

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Tips For Finding a Professional SEO Consultant

There are some basic tips to finding a professional SEO consultant to drive traffic to your website, and implementing those tips means you’re less likely to suffer financially. Whether you have an established online business, blog, or website you need to make sure you consider search engine optimization to drive a continual stream of new, targeted traffic to your site while getting the best possible results in the search engine results pages.

This can be done by hiring a professional SEO consultant or firm, but beware of the scams that are out there. You’ll find many of them have a lot of clever ways of finding a way to get at your money. Utilizing the tips found here can help you separate yourself from a gullible newcomer to SEO to making sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

The first tip in regard to finding a professional SEO consultant is to never put your entire budget into SEO. Yes, SEO is fantastic but it’s not the only option for your business. You should put a good amount of money into this aspect of marketing, but make sure you spread the work around to other options as well.

There are many ways to generate traffic including social media, video marketing, article marketing, pay-per-click advertising, banner ads and more. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a great idea, so make sure that you’re diversifying your marketing plan to fit all the needs for your specific website and niche.

The second thing to remember when searching for a qualified SEO consultant is to make sure that most of their time is not spent on optimizing just your home page. Yes, you want people to arrive at your home page and that’s great, but for websites that have multiple pages, time needs to be spent on each of those pages to make sure they’re up to par with the effort put on the home page. Every page should be optimized to make sure users have other options when navigating through your site. Giving the user more options could be the difference between long-term, steady traffic and ups and downs.

The last tip I can give you is to watch out for people saying they’re going to submit your website to thousands of search engines. There are not thousands of major search engines, and with the arrival of web 2.0, spending time putting your page on the most obscure search engine is not going to help generate the most traffic.

There are currently three major search engines to focus on – Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The smaller search engines either use one of these systems for search or aren’t worth spending a lot of time on. You don’t need to pay anyone to get on these, although premiere listings and advertising is available on each one.

Don’t simply trust any SEO consultant either. Make sure they have a working model of clients they’ve worked for and continue to work with. Do some search for their brand as well, if they can’t be found in a way that you want your business or website to be found, they might not be the firm for you.

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Technical Consulting and Software Development is Good Business!

The safety and security of your computers is of prime concern to the technical consulting or software development companies who, like the ancient Roman Centurion, guard over the property of the modern day net citizen. There are companies that specialize in hardware and there are firms that deal exclusively with software, though both are in the consulting field. Some highly reputable and knowledgeable organizations have a niche in catering for the governmental departments in a global sense and this type of corporation has to build a higher than normal confidence level with those federal agencies. Their scope of work is not limited to the usual information technology jobs but covers areas such as program management, technical solutions, complex administration and outsourcing. They also are authorized to carry the unique opportunity of various contract vehicles that are used in the field of governmental businesses. Their business partnership with governance of any country is therefore very professional and highly confidential.

Most of the companies engaged in Technical Consulting or Software Development for the official work of the Government are also established outsourcing units that provide par excellence service in several areas of administrative control. Some companies claim a near 30 percent improvement in the working of authorized bodies and this is generally quite a significant figure. Many Government Service Providers have an unique distinction of providing good employment opportunities as well to deserving and ethical candidates. This is a secure opening that pays very well and gives a great life to the people who choose to work for the improvement of the governmental agencies and departments.

The Technical Consulting and Software Development scope of Government recognized agencies increases many folds with the organizational capability of professional organizations in this field. Complete security solutions are offered that help the financial sector to freely progress in their jobs and leave the administration to well designed and operated software support of the consulting team. The government areas where such consulting is active encompasses visa credit cards, patents and marking offices, support services for employment and training of federal agencies and exclusive call centers that provide office support to the official organ of governance.

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Marketing Consultants Can Help You Increase Your Online Conversion Rates

Online marketing consultants can help with various aspects of building a business online. They can help you in many ways, including measuring and increasing your conversion rates. Read on to learn more about how important the conversion rate can be to your company and find out how a marketing expert could take your reporting and improve your rate of conversion from visitor to buyer.

What’s Your Conversion Rate?

If you have 100 visitors to your website and 1 person buys something, that’s a conversion of 1%. Is that a good conversion rate? That depends. A successful rate of converting visitors to customers at 1% may be good or could be not so good. This is subjective and based on many things, such as:

How many visitors you get
How much money each sale results in for you
How much it costs your company to attract each visitor.
If you get thousands of visitors each day, a sale per one hundred could be considered decent. If you only get a few dozen, this isn’t going to be as profitable for you.

If your profit margin is large enough, a lower conversion rate could equate to success for you. If you are an online business selling products at a low commission rate, this isn’t as good, of course. Analysing your conversion and determining what a healthy % is for your business depends on what you’re selling, how much you’re earning, how many visitors you get, how many visitors bounce from the page they land on without digging deeper, what sort of keyword phrases your website is ranking for, and what the overall advertising costs for your desired keyword phrases are.

How much does it cost you to attract website visitors? If you are doing a pay per click campaign, for instance, your conversion rate is going to be more important to you than if you are someone doing an organic search engine optimisation campaign and not relying as much on paid traffic. If relying mainly on increasing your organic traffic, you aren’t going to be spending as much on advertising as someone doing paid search engine marketing campaigns so you won’t necessarily feel as anxious about the convert rate as someone spending fifty pounds sterling a day and getting almost nothing in sales.

A marketing consultant’s expertise can help you analyse your conversion rate compared to your advertising costs and can also help you to maximise that spend through careful analysis of your reports so that you are spending less and earning more.

Marketing consultants have the know-how that can help you analyse specific website attributes that tell you how to improve your customer’s experience, which can increase the chances of making more sales. Some marketing consultants can extract data rapidly from analytics reporting, trends analysis for search engines like Google, and could even help you parlay that into double digit conversion growth. Imagine 10 sales per 100 visitors rather than 1? Imagine lowering your cost of advertising and obtaining more free and organic traffic than paid traffic? Whether your business exists online alone, in a bricks and mortar store only, or through both methods, marketing consultants can use your website reports along with other reporting available through areas, such as Google AdWords reporting, to help you make an action plan that can increase your rate of conversion and maximise the earning potential that exists with every visitor to your website.

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Thought About Small Business Consulting?

Small businesses with offline activities can benefit from having a website to take care of marketing, advertising, and promoting products and services to a wider audience. A common obstacle that small businesses encounter is the lack of knowledge in Internet marketing. Aside from charging a fee for giving business advice, there are other ways of creating small business consulting income.

Build and maintain website

Most business owners are too busy to bother with learning how to create websites, much less build one, on their own. A small business will usually need a simple website that you may develop or outsource its creation and charge a fee for it.

Website development is no longer the exclusive practice of computer programmers and techno wizards as new tools and applications have already been developed to simplify the process. Don’t have enough skills to make one? Get someone else to build it for you and charge the cost to your client.

After creating the site, send your client an offer to maintain it by adding fresh content and updating its look regularly for a monthly fee. This way, you create a recurring monthly income stream for your business.

Create individual landing pages for products

Having a website to promote awareness and generate traffic is not enough for your client’s business. A landing page containing a call to action, whether to buy a product or to do an activity beneficial to the business, brings in the money. You may have to demonstrate how a landing page works to convince your client of its benefits. Landing pages are easy to create because these are single page websites without the frills of a regular site. Learn how to create landing pages quickly to increase your income ten-fold.

Tap social media marketing

Last year saw the rise of social media marketing which is ideal for small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Add an income stream to your consulting business by offering to syndicate feeds among social media sites or promoting your client’s products and services in them.

Small business consulting is like being an all-around helper to your clients. To gain more in this business, you need to be a Jack or Jane of all trades rather than be a master of one. No task should be too small or too big for you to handle. Enlist the help of others or outsource some of your projects to accommodate more work.

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Why Are Custom Eyelash Boxes Necessary for Branding?

Ladies regularly utilize eyelash extensions, and we all know how particular women are about package designs and sequences. If you intend to start an eyelash company, you will undoubtedly require amazing packaging that captures customers’ attention in the store.

Have you ever wondered about eyelashes or why they are placed above our eyes? Some identify them for protecting the eye from the crash; nonetheless,Guest Posting they provide more than we assume. Most people utilize fake eyelashes wrapped in beautiful bespoke eyelash boxes to enhance their facial appearance. In actuality, eyelashes protect our eyes from solar damage, keep our eyes moist, and serve as a warning sign in the event of an emergency.

Launch Your Product Brand in a Creative Packaging
Why is it important to launch your branding in eye-catching packaging? Why should you have Custom printed eyelash boxes for the product? Before introducing their product brand in the market, businesses must consider several factors. One of the most important aspects is the design of bespoke packaging, which should be innovative and appealing enough to allow the brand to stand out in the market.

Cosmetic items such as eyelashes, lip balms, lipsticks, and others require packaging just like any other item. So, before releasing an eyelash brand in the market, conduct thorough research. The more you make your brand look creative, the more you stand out in the crowd.

Custom Eyelash Boxes Can Be Perfect Branding Tool
Not surprisingly, many people are unaware of these products; but if you practice your product box packaging for business branding, it may be beneficial in marketing and promotion. Many firms are now investigating it and giving it more thought. If you’re planning to create an eyelash company, keep the bespoke packaging original and honest. Custom Boxes with corporate logos and company names are wonderful to inform customers about your product brand.

Your product can build your identity in the market with its creative packaging. Personalization is the finest option that every company has selected to expand the reach of their package. The Custom Eyelash Boxes are made according to the product’s style, size, shape, and color. The primary goal of personalizing eyelash boxes is to design them properly so that the output may be specified directly in the packing. This item enhances the consumer’s pleasure and comfort.

Budget-Friendly Packaging
When performing to manage a business, you will have to make any investments. When you have a lot of bills to deal with, you might request inexpensive eyelash boxes. These recyclable eyelash boxes are made from high-quality materials. Because the pricing fluctuates less, you may obtain them at a low cost. As a result, it is an excellent alternative if you have limited means or are going through a difficult time.

The cardboard material is available at a very cheap rate. You can choose the finest material that can suit the product’s importance, even though you can make your packaging creative at a very budget-friendly cost. For several product, you can customize your packaging in your own way.

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One Big Reason Your Newsletter Open Rate is Low and What to do About it

This article provides 5 key reasons why your subscribers are ignoring your newsletter, resulting in low open rates, and what to do about it.

How many newsletters do you receive in a given day,Guest Posting week or month? If you’re anything like me, it could be in the hundreds!

But more importantly, how many do you actually click on to read?

I bet that number is substantially less.

Do you know why that is? Why are you skipping past those unopened emails or deleting them before you know what they contain?

One of the big reasons is the subject line.

So imagine the same thing happening to your newsletters. Do you want them to be ignored and deleted?

If not, this article will help you better understand what gets your subscribers to open your newsletter.

How Subject Lines Are Critically Important to Newsletter Open Rates
Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clients to send out their weekly/monthly/periodic digital Newsletters.

For many clients, we do the research and writing of the featured article within the newsletter before sending it out to their list. For other clients, they send us what they want to be sent out, already written.

But rarely do these clients give any thought to the all-important subject line.

It’s hard to imagine a subject line having that much power but indeed, it is a very critical component of a newsletter when 35% of email recipients will open an email based on the subject line alone.

You can have the most incredible article written that will literally change people’s lives. But if they never open the email, they will never read or experience your life-altering writing.

READ: 5 Compelling Reasons Small Businesses Benefit from Sending Email Newsletters

When someone comes to your website and enters their name and email address to sign up for your newsletter, they are literally putting their hand up and saying, “yes, I want to hear more from you!”

You are actually doing them a disservice by not keeping that relationship going with them.

Sending consistent email newsletters to your followers gives you the ability to develop a “Know, Like and Trust” relationship with them that will dramatically increase your brand visibility and market reach.

Read more here

5 Reasons Your Subscribers are Ignoring Your Newsletter
There are many different ways a subject line can be written that will get you the open rates you seek (I’ve got several books that are just on this subject alone!)

But to get you started, here are the top 5 reasons your emails are being ignored and what should be fixed in the subject line right away:

1) Not relevant to the reader. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes – what would get them to want to read more? Are you leading them to an answer that they will find in your article? Are you triggering their curiosity enough to make them feel they are missing out if they don’t read further?

At the end of the day, if what you are sending out is not what your readers want to receive from you, then you’ve lost them in the inbox. So be sure you clearly understand who your target audience is and why they became a subscriber in the first place.

2) Too many characters long. When a subject line is too long, there’s a good chance it will get cut off in the preview window and won’t be read. This will reduce your chances greatly at compelling your reader to open the email.

Best practices are to keep your subject line under 60 characters and that includes the use of emojis.

3) Too clever or vague. Subject lines that perform the best are descriptive and clearly state the benefit the reader will have if they read it. Trying to be clever often leads to being too broad or vague where only you truly understand what it’s about but is lost on everyone else.

A valuable rule of thumb is to never make assumptions that the reader will be able to get what you mean. Always be clear and straight to the point.

4) Not personalized. According to Convince & Convert, emails that include the recipient’s first name see a higher click rate than those that don’t. Just doing this one thing, could boost your open rate by 50%.

I don’t recommend you do this with every newsletter you send out, but make it a habit for many of them.

5) Using spam triggering words and characters. 16% of all emails land in the junk folder often due to a poorly written subject line that contains spam-triggering words.

So before sending out your next newsletter, check to make sure it’s not over-sensationalized, over-promising, and over-used words that typical spammers use.

The next time you write your Newsletter, give twice as much thought to the subject line as you did writing the article itself and see if you get better open rates as a result.

Here’s a great subject line evaluation tool to use with every send out: www.subjectline.com to see how it stands up to industry standards.

Another good habit to get into is to check your stats after each newsletter – what is the open rate percentage? Are those stats improving or declining with each send out?

Also, if your Newsletter provider allows it, try doing split-testing to see which subject line style is more effective with your list.

If writing proper subject lines, let alone newsletters and blog articles, is overwhelming to you, then consider hiring marketing specialists who can do all of that tedious work for you!

Leave a comment below to share which subject line styles often compel you to open the email to read further and which ones do you almost always delete. What differences do you notice between the two?

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7 top lead generation KPIs to close more sales

Lead generation KPI is ana important metric for your business success. Read about top lead generation kpis.

A lead generation KPI,Guest Posting or key performance indicator, is a metric that you use to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. Some top lead generation KPIs include the number of leads generated, the conversion rate from leads to sales, and the average sale amount. You should choose the KPIs that are most relevant to your business and track them over time to see how they trend. If you see that your KPIs are declining, it may be an indication that your lead generation strategy needs some tweaking. In this article, we’ll cover the 7 top lead generation KPIs to close more sales.

7 top lead generation KPIs to close more sales

#1. Conversion Rate
There are a few reasons why conversion rate is a key metric for measuring the success of lead generation campaigns. First, if potential customers are not converting into leads, then the campaign is not successful in generating new business. Second, by tracking conversion rates, you can determine which marketing tactics are most effective in attracting new customers. And finally, the conversion rate can help you to identify areas for improvement in your lead generation process.

#2. Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is a good KPI to track because it can indicate how effective your marketing and lead gen efforts are. If people are coming to your website but leaving right away, it means that you’re not providing them with what they’re looking for. On the other hand, if you have a low bounce rate, it means that you’re successfully enticing visitors to stick around and explore your site further. This makes them more likely to become leads or customers in the future.

#3. Exit Rate
Because if someone visits your website but leaves without taking any action, they’re not likely to become a customer.

Exit rate is one of the top lead generations KPIs because it can tell you how effective your website is at converting visitors into leads. If a high percentage of people are leaving your site without taking any action, you need to make changes to your website so that it’s more engaging and encourages people to take the next step.

#4. Average Session duration
There are a few reasons why average session duration can be a useful metric for lead generation. First, the longer a user spends on your site, the more likely they are to convert. This makes intuitive sense—the more time someone spends exploring your site and learning about your products or services, the more likely they are to convert.

Second, longer sessions indicate that users are finding what they need on your site and don’t need to bounce off in search of another solution. This is also valuable information; it means you’re providing a good user experience and users are finding what they need on your pages. Both of these factors contribute to higher conversion rates overall.

#5. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
There are a few reasons why you might want to take Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) as a lead gen KPI. First, it’s a good way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you can keep your CPA below a certain threshold, you’re likely making a profit on your leads. Second, it’s an easy metric to track.

You can use software or services like Google AdWords or Mixpanel to monitor your CPA and make adjustments as needed. And finally, it’s predictive. Knowing your CPA allows you to estimate how many leads you’ll need to generate in order to hit your desired revenue goal.

#6. Website traffic
There are a few reasons why website traffic can be a good metric to track when it comes to lead generation. First, if your website is getting a lot of visitors, that means you’re doing something right with your marketing and branding. And second, a high volume of website traffic usually means that there are plenty of people who may be interested in what you have to offer – making it more likely that some of them will convert into leads.

Of course, simply having a lot of website visitors doesn’t mean you’ll automatically generate a ton of leads. But it’s still a good indicator of how well your marketing efforts are working overall and can help you focus your efforts on areas that are most effective.

#7. Social Media Engagement
There are a few reasons why social media engagement can be a valuable metric for lead generation. First, when people Like or Follow your company on social media, they’re indicating an interest in what you do. This gives you the opportunity to market to them directly by promoting your products or services.

Second, Social Media Engagement can be a strong indicator of buying intent. People who engage with your company on social media are more likely to become customers, so tracking engagement levels is a good way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Finally, social media engagement can help you identify potential leads. By tracking which posts generate the most interactions (Likes, Comments, Shares), you can create content that appeals to your audience. One of the best tools to handle your sales is a sales crm tool.

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Why You Need A Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

While starting a business is always a welcomed achievement, research has shown that small businesses are always the most complex type to manage. While it may not seem so from many views considering the size of more prominent companies, small businesses often demand that you give your best at all times, else they crumble. In fact, managing a small business is most demanding as you may have to handle most of the tasks yourself. However, you may need to outsource and hire some professional services to help give your business a significant boost.

One service that is often very necessary is that of a bookkeeper,Guest Posting and their contributions to small businesses over the years have proven to be immense. This article will examine why you should hire a bookkeeper for your small business. Read on to discover more.

Who is A Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is a professional charged with keeping an organization’s business books and financial records on track. They are often expected to provide accurate, updated financial information about the organization or business whenever they are called upon. Bookkeepers are often mistaken for accountants as bookkeeping is for accounting, but they are all slightly different, although their tasks are pretty similar. While an accountant may be charged with developing and maintaining the entire accounting system, a bookkeeper is only concerned with transaction entering and data recording.

Benefits of Hiring A Bookkeeper for Your Small Business

A bookkeeper may be what you need to get your small business organized and on track, and the reasons are not very far-fetched. Here are some significant reasons you need a bookkeeping Gold Coast expert for your start-up business.

You Get Critical Account Information: At the end of each month (depending on the system you operate), you get a breakdown of your account information, including a balance sheet and an income statement. These data will help you organize your business and re-strategize by changing your approach.
You Get to Pay Less Accounting Fee: A good bookkeeper is professionally trained and has some accounting skills. Hence, they can deputize as an accountant in most cases, limiting the need to hire a small business accountant until it becomes essential. Therefore, if you often hire a professional to assist with the accounting every month, you can reduce the frequency to four-month intervals if you have a good bookkeeper.
Saves Time: If you have a bookkeeper that carries out their job correctly, you do not have to worry about balancing your sheets or keeping a record of transactions as it is all in the job description. As a result, you will have extra time to concentrate more on other administrative departments of the business.
Qualities of A Good Bookkeeper

Some specific qualities set out gook bookkeepers from substandard ones. These qualities include;

A good bookkeeper must be able to communicate excellently
Must be tech-savvy and familiar with accounting software
Must be able to adapt to different bookkeeping styles.
Must have a good level of general accounting knowledge
Must be able to work in a team and have excellent organizational skills.

Bookkeeping is an essential aspect of any business, and the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper for your small business cannot be overstated. The most significant reasons to hire a bookkeeper are highlighted in this article.

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Restaurant Sofa, Restaurant Sofa Manufacturers in India, Restaurant Sofa Suppliers in India

How To Choose The correct Perfect Sofa ?

Want to spice up your living room? We recommend checking out a sectional sofa. Unlike the classic arm chair or the more formal sofa style,Guest Posting the sectional sofa allows you to prop your feet up and recline in a horizontal position. Ideal for those binge-watching sessions or lazy Sunday mornings wrapped up in a book. If you’re debating between a sectional or a traditional sofa for your living room, there are three very important factors to consider:


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sofa is the amount of available space. Do you have a large open-floor plan where you can add a lot of elements? Are you looking at a sunken living room or a little recreation corner tucked into the larger living area? Depending on the space you have to play with, choosing your sofa becomes a lot easier. Larger rooms with limited foot traffic are more suited to sectional sofas whereas smaller spaces can be decorated with a combination of armchairs and loveseats. However, depending on the design aesthetic you have in mind, there is no reason why a smaller space cannot use a L-shaped sofa to define its perimeter.


Once you’ve got your heart set on a sectional, choosing the right one is actually pretty simple. There are three types of sectional sofas – L-shape, U-shape and semi-circular. Experiment and find one that suits your lifestyle well. The best way to do this is to create a floor plan of your current living situation and work out how different types of sofas will look. Are you propping it against a wall or in the center of your living room? If you have an open floor design, perhaps an L-shaped sofa could create a cozy corner for you to put your feet up. When choosing a shape, don’t forget to take into nearby account bookcases, coffee-tables, position of the television etc. If the space is smaller than you expected, don’t be afraid to invest in a combination of a sofa / chaise with two armchairs at the side. Remember to measure the length of any sofa you choose. If you’re taller, you definitely don’t want your feet hanging off.

Balance :

Once you’ve narrowed down on your ideal sectional sofa / sofa-armchair combo, take another look at your living room arrangement. Is the sofa seating the highlight of the room or does it overpower the rest of the decor? Is it all you see when you first walk into the room or does it complement the rest of the furniture (TV, windows, side tables)? Feel free to rearrange the flow and elements of the room until you have a beautiful space that you feel comfortable in.

Sunny overseas- Sunny overseas is one of leading all type Premium furniture manufacturers & Suppliers, in providing complete showcase furniture systems. Explore widest collection of Furniture slike Banquet Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Cafe Furniture, Bar Furniture . We also deal in Restaurant Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Canteen Furniture, Industrial Furniture

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